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Live From the Other Side

The Beacher
Long Beach
Michigan City, Indiana

Book Review by Sally Carpenter

This is a work of non-fiction written by woman who grew up in Long Beach (Maureen McGill) and co -written by the CEO of a healthcare corporation ( Nola Davis). Both now live in the Pacific Northwest.

Death and the Afterlife has been a source of deep discussion and division of opinion since the beginning of man's appearance on earth. We all wonder, each according to our faith or upbringing, what really happens when we die? And if a loved one dies before us, is there a chance to communicate or somehow connect with them.

Both authors have spent years working in the health care, university teaching and healing arts. They have formed a bond of commitment to help people resolve their grief and realize "the possibilities of continued communication with loved ones".

They have chosen stories from real people who have experienced these connections in various ways: through dreams, messages, and other signs. These people were reluctant to speak to them at first, wondering what others would think.

If you've ever had such an experience, perhaps this book will help you understand and move toward peace and healing.

Till next time, happy reading?



Book Review by Susan Nichols

"LIVE" a fascinating look at the other side

This little book is a collection of real-life stories of people who have had experiences communicating with friends and relatives who have died. Whether you believe in this sort of thing or not, even the most skeptical will find these stories fascinating. Messages from deceased loved ones may appear in dreams or through nature or objects and they all serve the same purpose - to help us bring resolution to our grief. One curious fact: "Electronic devices seem to be one of the easiest mechanisms used by those on the other side." The spirit world gravitates to emails, texts, cell phones, and televisions possibly because the spirits exist on a higher energy level and can somehow connect more easily through cyberspace. But however the communication appears, the spirit will find ways to connect if and when the survivors need it.

Authors McGill and Davis have worked for many years in the fields of senior health care, hospice, healing, and teaching and along with the stories; they explain how our emotions emit energy. "Loss transmits as heavy energy instead of love which is a lighter energy," they write, and the heaviness of loss must be released for us to be open to messages. But the messages are all around us when we are present and open to them.

Maureen McGill is a native of Michigan City. She and Nola Davis live in Tacoma, Washington. Their book is available at the library and can also be ordered through the publisher, on Amazon and Kindle. For more information, log onto the website at www.livefromtheotherside.com.

Susan Nichols is a writer from Beverly Shores, Indiana and an employee of the Michigan City Library. All books reviewed by her in this column are available there or at The Bookstore at Lighthouse Place, Michigan City, Indiana.