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You're not alone with your secret; after-death communication. Was your experience initiated by an event, a dream, a song, a smell, quiet contemplation or did it seem to come from out of nowhere? In your heart was there a need to say a final "I love you" or breathe a sigh of relief for closure to an unresolved issue? Have you held your secret close fearing others might think you crazed or depressed? Welcome to Live from the Other Side!

Hundreds perhaps millions of people share your after-death communication experience. People just like you from all walks of life; school teachers, health care workers, college students, first responders, engineers, cooks, counselors and more. Live from the Other Side! shares their incredible and moving true stories about after-death communication.

Live from the Other Side!

You'll discover compelling after-death communication stories that have never before been told. Accounts of experiences moving toward resolution after death and during death watches will fascinate you. Reading about visits from deceased family members as well as from people who have become messengers of others will keep you turning the pages. But Live from the Other Side! is more than stories. You'll enjoy and learn: